Since its foundation in 1947, Wanzl has become a strong brand bringing ground-breaking innovations to all aspects of convenient shopping and selling.

Products from Wanzl set quality standards for customers across the globe. Wanzl is now one of the international leading partners of global commerce and has long since brought its outstanding MADE BY WANZL quality to new areas of application in other industries. In the meantime, Wanzl offers over 100,000 products, solutions and innovations in a quality without compromise for the following business areas

Feel at home with Wanzl: as a system partner, Wanzl supports the international hotel and catering trade – with Housekeeping, Front Office, Food + Beverages and Storage + Shelving. For effective workflows, reduced staffing needs and perfect guest services in customer-facing roles and for everything that goes on behind the scenes. Welcome to Wanzl!

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  • Food + Beverages
  • Storage + Shelving
  • Logistics