Our Story so far and Philosophy for the future

Established in 1826, Deshoulières became year by year the leading French porcelain factory for up market tableware.

It is a story across almost two centuries of dedicated passion for the unique material which is Porcelain. A passion handed down through the generations providing the energy for the growth of the Company which has today some 300 employees still fully committed to mould its successful development

An excellent industrial expertise, everyday contact with our clients, a passion for the French culture around the table, state of the art table top products…these are our “mottos” that drive us forward everyday to create the most desirable collections.

100% Made in France and exported to 57 countries.

Deshoulières has today 300 employees spread over the 3 manufacturing plants in Limoges, Poitiers and Foecy. Our high tech production technology combined with a unique expertise to produce fine colourful patterns and the use of an array of coloured glazes allows us to offer a wide range of products: from white Limoges porcelain plates and dishes to colourful items, competitive custom made items, to specific patterns highlighted and enriched with platinum or gold.

Our porcelain is 100% ecological, with no chemical additives, lead and cadmium free, it is certainly the healthiest item on the table, fully complying with the most demanding and strictest regulations in the world.

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