Seltmann Weiden

Stölzle Lausitz GmbH

The Christian Seltmann Porcelain Factory founded in 1910 has evolved, through the takeover of the Königlich Tettau porcelain factory and the four specialist porcelain manufacturers and art department acquired in 1990, to become a group of companies that is still today a family-run firm. The group operates 5 factories employing around 1,000 people, producing exquisite porcelain for households, hotels / restaurants, communal catering and incentives. Another key area of specialisation is the manufacture of particularly valuable sculptures by known artists and high-quality gifts.

With the takeover of the Königlich Tettau porcelain factory and the smaller companies, the Seltmann Group has over 250 years of experience in the production of porcelain.

Consequently, the porcelain produced by the group satisfies even the most exacting international demands in terms of design, function, resilience and exclusivity. It is precisely these product characteristics that can only be achieved at such high standards thanks to production in Germany.

True to this philosophy, the Seltmann Group – as one of only a few porcelain manufacturers to do so – keeps all of its production facilities in Germany.

In order to credibly and sustainably communicate the company's commitment to quality and to securing jobs, Seltmann has developed its own ‘Made in Germany’ seal.

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